Health. Aesthetics. Longevity. Safety.


I provide advice to those who want to know more about the care of trees in the landscape, to assess the condition of trees and shrubs: Health, aesthetics, longevity, safety and their surrounding environment. I love to preserve our ancient and historic trees. 
My mission is to eliminate the overt use of pesticides in our environment and to preserve the declining beneficial insect and pollinator populations, to try to create a balance between Modern aesthetic and naturalized landscapes. I find a practical approach to the "Sustainability Movement": Natives, Bee Keeping, Compost, Edible Landscapes and Water conservation. I created PHM; Plant Health Monitoring- taking the focus off the pest and put more on the plant health. 
The goal is to assist any level of owner in regard to creating sustainable landscapes, using a monitoring system that reduces and eventually eliminates pesticides in the landscape. The system is designed around natural approaches, recent scientific research and education.

I specialize in pruning of unusual or 'Niche' plant material: Pollards, Espaliers, Belgian Fences, Weepers, Fruit trees, other Cultured Plant Material. I also provide reclamation of overgrown shrubs or improperly planted landscapes. Privately, most jobs are done on a small scale. Teaching is also offered for Public Gardens, Extensions, clubs: Classes, hands on, lectures- whatever works for the Mission of the garden. 
I map, inventory and identify shrubs in the landscape for any size property. Pre and post-construction analysis can be done for landowners or firms. Reports are provided to valuate trees for the purpose of compensation for landscape losses. Assessments and reports are also created for Tree Risk Evaluations.